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Butler Brosnan thriller renamed

ButterFlyonaWheel.jpgI had no idea that the upcoming film Butterfly on a Wheel starring Gerard Butler, Pierce Brosnan and Maria Bello had been renamed. It is now simply called Shattered, or at least in the U.S. it will be.

The story sees Gerard Butler and Maria Bello playing a couple whose daughter is kidnapped by Pierce Brosnan's character. However the kidnapper doesn't want cash, he wants to spend the next twenty four hours systematically destroying their lives.

Sounds quite good, and it is supposed to be a very effective thriller with strong performances. Released already in Israel and Malasia, it is set for various European releases through October with Russia, Chile and the Philippines in November, Czech Republic in December and Mexico in January 2008. No release is mentioned in any other countries, which sounds quite strange.

Thanks to Michael over at MoviesOnline who lets us know about the name change, but I wonder if we're going to get to see it any time soon? I still prefer the original title, Shattered sounds too much like quite a few other films.



I am sure this was the same project that Mel Gibson's Icon production provided funding for.

TNT will be showing this movie on September 2nd at 9pm and again at either 11pm or midnight, cut, edited and interrupted with a thousand commercials of course, with the DVD release scheduled for mid to late December.

the new title is truly horrendous. The original title was fantastic. Why LionsGate renamed it I am not sure.


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