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Chekov chosen for Star Trek

AntonYelchin.jpgYes it appears that Chekov is in Star Trek, despite not being mentioned in the previous casting call, and why is that? Well because he's already been chosen, and the actor is...Anton Yelchin.

Some of you might now be asking who that is, I know I was, but you recognise the face when you see it. I mainly recognised him from the Alpha Dog trailers, but he's been in a lot of television too.

Anton Yelchin was born in Russia and seems a good choice to play the character, although since he left Russia at six months (his parents took him, he wasn't travelling alone) he may have to get back into the accent.

What is interesting is that the timeline of Star Trek supposedly doesn't have Chekov involved in the first adventures of the Enterprise crew, so there's a bit of speculation to be had over the time period the film will be in. Mind you, speculation on a J.J. Abrams film isn't anything new is it?

So with that news from AICN that's Checkov, checked off.



For a while there I flipped and thought of Anton Chekov the great Russian playwright, then I saw Star Trek.


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