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Chris Noth signs for Sex and the City

ChrisNoth.jpgCould this have been the issue that Sarah Jessica Parker was referring to when she said that the film still had some stuff to sort out before the studio said okay? Well if it was, the studio should now be happy that Chris Noth is officially signed up to star in the Sex and the City film.

There have been rumours about Kim Cattrall being unhappy with the amount of scenes that she's receiving in the script, but she's still signed up too, as have all the other ladies, so that makes it a full cast for the Sex and the City film.

No other information is given through the story in Variety, but at least Mr Big aka Chris Noth is in.

It's unclear what role he really will play and if the film will centre on him and Carrie, but I can't see it going any other way. Now if Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall have put aside their alleged differences then perhaps we can get on with things? Is this finally going to get made?



Look at those dreamy eyes of Big! ;)


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