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Christensen plays Awake surgery patient

HaydenChristensen.jpgHayden Christensen and Jessica Alba are going to star in one of those films that uses a hook that is a common phobia. Like spiders, snakes or being buried alive are part of our everyday fears, Awake will see Hayden Christensen experience another, being awake during an operation.

The character he plays will be undergoing open heart surgery and finds that he is fully awake and aware during the operation, however he's paralysed by the anaesthetic and has to lie there through the pain. Jessica Alba and Lena Olin vie for prettiest on screen and Terrence Howard also stars.

The Toronto Star through Digital Spy have an interesting take on the story as they point out a few cases where patients have claimed that this really has happened, the alleged condition that has coined the term "anesthetic awareness".

It's fair to say that medical staff, anaesthesiologists in particular, and those of us who have serious operations ahead of us in our lives won't be looking forward to this at all, and I'm one of them. With heart surgery planned in my later years this kind of film will grab hold of my own personal concerns and blow them out of proportion.

That's just the way it should work as well, for I find the most uncomfortable and horrific films are the ones that do just that. So as much as I'm worried about it, I'm also very excited, because it'll scare me to death...well, hopefully not quite that far.



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