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Clash of the Titans remake Director?

SamRaimi.jpgUsually Friday is trailer day, today though it could be Director's day as a name is being rumoured to be connected with the Clash of the Titans remake.

Now normally I wouldn't like to entertain the idea of a remake of such a classic film, but this directing rumour could sway it for me. Now remember this is a rumour, much like the other directing titbits today, but this could actually work out quite well.

Sam Raimi is the Director being touted for the role according to IESB's trusted source. Now there are a few things to remember over and above the usual rumour tag, and that's the spate of associations of films that go with Sam Raimi.

The source does say that despite Warner Brothers having offered Raimi everything they have, he's the only name being looked at for Clash of the Titans and they're trying to lock him into a multi-picture deal. Hopefully that doesn't mean too many Titan sequels.

I think this would be a perfect fit. Sam Raimi with lots of fantasy creatures on screen, especially stop-motion skeletal armies? Oh, okay they might use CGI now, but still, who better?



Richard your not confusing Clash of the Titans with Jason and the Argonauts are you?

That's the one with the Skeleton Army and it is probably more likely to me thought of as a "classic film" than Clash of the Titans.

I think all the stop motion adventures like this are classics, something about my childhood I think.

No, not confusing, just lumping them all together. Rather unfair especially when they aren't actually going to be using stop motion in the remake.

It just all harks back to an era of cinema for me, and the thought of Sam Raimi taking up the remake chair for this might be the best bet.


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