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Clash of the Titans script review

ClashoftheTitans.jpgThere's a script review for Clash of the Titans online, and it sounds very promising. The original was a Ray Harryhausen stop motion classic, as all his films were. I loved these films and grew up with them. Initially the remake filled me with dread, but actually it sounds pretty strong.

I am really concerned how it will affect my memory of the films and of Harryhausen's magic moments of cinema, but from the script review alone it sounds like they're looking at modernising it well.

The review from IESB (I credit properly, no matter where I put it in the story) has some very positive comments, and the closing paragraph tells it all.

“Clash of the Titans the Remake is grown up, sexy and violent, filled with political intrigue from the tops of Mount Olympus to the Throne Room of Joppa. The quest PERSEUS undergoes is populated with all manners of creatures like Sylphs, Lotophagi, Strix, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Nephilim, Giant Scorpions, Anubite Jackals, Hyena Men, and Pegassi, and never feels like sloppy seconds from a dusty textbook. I'm so pleased to report the well written script sent me scuttling to the dictionary several times with vocabulary-above-a-ninth grade-level, like scutes, limn and (I love saying this word) feculence.”

Sounds a pretty serious attempt at the script, now we need to see who could tackle the film treatment. Who would you think could keep the feeling of this classic film, and don't pick the typical names of Snyder or Singer.

So perhaps the remake of Clash of the Titans is looking like a positive move, something we really need in the Hollywood world of classic remakes.



I really think a remake for this could work. Just think about how awesome the special effects will be!

Even if the remake turns out to be trash it cannot in anyway take away from the film I grew up loving. I've even introduced my daughter to the movie and for someone who is use to high quality effects she enjoys the movie as much as I did when I was her age.

[[[Meli!!!]]] Long time no post girl! How are ya?

Now, who could play Perseus? Hmmmmm...


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