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Update: Cloverfield ending revealed - Lawyers attack

Cloverfield.jpgThe call sheet for the final day of shooting on J.J. Abrams produced, Matt Reeves directed Cloverfield has been released on the Internet, and while it doesn't give away the entire ending, it does reveal quite a bit of detail about the individual scenes, particularly the final scene of number one hundred and sixty.

The call sheet shows various scenes to be filmed on day thirty-three of thirty-three, and has details of some of the final scenes of the film. Unfortunately I've had to remove the direct link and reference to them as I've just received a letter from the lawyers of Paramount Pictures who are claiming that since I've linked to it on the web and mentioned the content that I am liable for improper receipt of a corporate document.

Despite Paramount's clear rights to the Paramount Properties, Paramount has learned that you are reproducing, displaying and distributing the "Cheese" call sheet on your website at http://www.filmstalker.co.uk/. You are hereby put on notice that the reproduction, display and/or distribution by you of Paramount Properties constitutes copyright infringement as well as an unauthorized misappropriation of a protected corporate document. Further, your conduct would constitute an improper receipt of a corporate document.

Paramount hereby demands that you immediately remove the "Cheese" call sheet from your website.

I'm keeping the original story for now and editing this as I really need to get to my bed and can't have a lawyer shutting the site down while I'm sleeping - as has been done to a number of websites in the past by studios - so instead I'll keep the links to the sites that are carrying the story.

I believe I am neither reproducing, displaying or distributing the content, I'm merely linking to another sites pages, and if they have content which is being displayed illegally then surely the lawyers should get them to remove it. Mind you, I guess I'm the easier target.

NY Magazine has the call sheet through /Film which even carries the shooting details for an alternative ending for Cloverfield. I would guess that they are filming two versions so that they can try and keep the secret going longer. However with insiders revealing such things as these call sheets I wonder if they really can keep the secret that long.

Update: I responded to the letter last night, some six hours ago, and I've heard nothing back. Interestingly both SlashFilm and NY Magazine still retain the details on their site. So I guess Paramount were going after the little fish rather than those that actually had the information. NY Magazine still have the call sheet displayed with all the details.

I'm still struggling to see what the big deal is, especially as nothing is given away in it. Could this all be part of the ruse?

Update: It seems that SlashFilm were contacted by the lawyers too and have removed the content, NY Magazine still have not, good for them.

It seems that this piece of information wasn't one that the makers of Cloverfield wanted leaked out. I still don't understand why as the call sheet gives nothing away, and they've already revealed to us that the start of the film will be after the attack is over.

Perhaps all the media and blogs should just print exactly what Paramount want about a film, press release after press release, and they could stop "leaking" content through "scoopers" and "insiders" for their own marketing on their own terms? They love what we do one minute and then the next they're sending threatening letters.



Richard, if I may, i'd like to present a prepared response of my own to Paramount. ahem.

"If you didn't want us all clamoring and reaching for any information about your film ( ie: word of mouthing ) about it, perhapse you should have simply told us the name of the film instead of the ambiguous "release date title" and trailer, which were obviously designed to motivate us into talking about your movie.

With the nature of your viral ad campaign, you should have expected sites like Filmstalker and others to pass along the information you allow them to recieve.

I understand you don't want certain information to leak out, but if you can manage to keep the very title of the movie under wraps for so long, I see no reason you can't expect us to assume that any information we recieve is to be talked about, acknowledged and passed along. such is the nature of the internet.

thanks for bullying Richard, Paramount. Unless you respond with respect to his letter as he surely deserves and explain to him what the issue is, I'll be sure to skip the theatrical release for "cloverfield" and just rent the dvd for five bucks.



It sounds more like a publicity stunt by paramount to me. I've had multiple posts on the issue the day it began with no letters.

I guess I'm too small of a fish to worry about (*sniff*)

Thanks mogulus, the support is much appreciated.

Dave, I think you might be right, although the letter and the lawyers are real, and it went to SlashFilm too.

From: 7:cm - EthanHaas.org
To: FilmStalker.co.uk
Attn: Editor
Date: 8-10-07
Subject: Paramount cease and desist order.

Dear editor,

This message is to inform you that Paramount has issued a cease and desist order in regards to the posting of their Cheese Call Sheet in our blog section. Paramount has a long and illustrious history of issuing these types of orders in regards to their property and have had websites shutdown until the property in question was removed. EthanHaas.org has no intention of getting into a pissing contest with a multi billion dollar conglomerate, so the content will be removed.


Hi 7:cm, I just saw your site. Sorry to hear that they're playing with you too.

Never mind, tomorrow they'll want something advertised and they'll want to "use" us again for free.

Really beneficial thank you, I do think your subscribers would certainly want way more information such as this continue the excellent work.


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