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Cloverfield gets titled and set photos

Cloverfield.jpgCloverfield could be getting the title of Overnight, or maybe we're being led off the garden path by J.J. Abrams and his superb hype machine, either way there's a strong indication that the title has been bought for the film production.

Overnight has been registered by a small production company by an Attorney who also works for the company name SLUSHO! and Bad Robot, both J.J. Abrams enterprises. (See what I did there?)

The scooper through /Film (well done guys) has the exact wording:

"Group One Productions, LLC, and Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer registered a trademark (#77232885) "Overnight" on July 18, 2007, for the use in "motion picture, television and music production and distribution services." The Attorney of Record for the trademark is Lori N. Boatright, who was also the Attorney of Record for "SLUSHO!," "SLUSHO! YOU CAN'T DRINK JUST SIX," and "BAD ROBOT" trademarks (#77229623, #77229614, and #76340985)"

Could this be the title for Cloverfield everyone's been waiting to hear?

In other news AICN have found that the filming in New York is going under the name of Cheese, and to go along with the news they've captured three set pictures of destroyed cars and rubble.

Overnight is a much better title for the film than some we've heard such as Furious and Monstrous. It's looking hopeful that we're going to hear the real title soon.



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