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Conan moves on...again

Conan.jpgThe Conan franchise was previously thought to have been bought by New Line, however they pulled out of a very expensive deal and the franchise was once again left hanging. Now though it seems that Millenium Films has paid the hefty price to pick up Conan and dust him off for another attempt at a restart.

The film had sat with Warner Brothers for some seven years without movement, with scripts and treatments being submitted but nothing ever really happening. Now though the marketplace seems right for the world of Conan once again, it's filled with comic book adaptations, fantasy films and huge robots, so why isn't there a place for Conan?

Previously we heard that New Line was buying the franchise, but that fell through because of the incredibly steep asking price. Now it seems that either a deal was worked out or Millenium have just bought it regardless.

The word through Variety is that the new version is going to be fast tracked and that the studio are keen to build a new franchise out of the character. However they are returning to the original character and not the one seen played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and they'll have no help from the seven years of work over at Warner Brothers as they are holding onto all that work with a tight grip.

Good news for Conan fans? I think so, the only problem is how fast are they going to fast track it, and will they hit the same problems that WB did?



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