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Cowell's Star Struck reality film

SimonCowell.jpgA while ago I reported that Simon Cowell had started working on a film and that it was being kept very quiet, but now the details are out, and unsurprisingly it has a talent show theme to it.

Star Struck is a film that is inspired by Alan Parker's Fame musical, well so The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon claim, and it will follow the struggles of ten contestants from behind the scenes of a televised talent show.

Sound familiar? Well it's every show he's producing and judging on. Still, if the formula works then why mess with it?

Interestingly the film is going to hold open auditions for the ten talented stars of the film, and Simon Cowell will be one of the judges there. Footage of those that audition will be used in the actual film. Jonathan Harvey, who is a British television writer, is set to write the script.

I think it sounds kind of fun, I have to admit that I always love seeing the early disaster moments of the auditions, marvelling at the people who think they have talent, and laughing hysterically through most of it.

I also have a lot of time for Simon Cowell. Unlike his fellow judges and the audience members of these shows, I tend to agree with him, he tells the truth without any sugar coated wrapping.

The question is though, is there an appetite out there for a talent show film like this?



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