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Cruise for Star Trek?

TomCruise.jpgRumour is that Tom Cruise is to be approached for a small role in J.J. Abrams Star Trek as the original Enterprise Captain, Christopher Pike.

The rumour is just that, and it is worth pointing out that it states he's just being approached, not that he has been or has officially been asked. It's also well worth remembering that Paramount and Tom Cruise aren't really on the best of terms after he left his long term deal there, so it might not be the friendliest of meetings.

Still, according to a trusted scooper over at IGN (aren't they all until they get one wrong?) he is to be approached as J.J. Abrams would like an A-lister on the cast of the new Star Trek.

Captain Pike served as the first Captain of the Enterprise and of Mr. Spock, and appeared in the pilot episode of the original TV series called The Cage as well as returning for The Menagerie. Pike was apparently Spock's commanding officer for some time in Star Trek history.

I'm not really sure if I go with the rumour or not, I would guess that if the role is small it wouldn't be that hard for Cruise to say yes, but to return to work with Paramount might be a bit galling for him, I know it would for me. Can you see Cruise as young Captain Pike?



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