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Cruise signs up for Star Trek?

TomCruise.jpgWe already heard that Tom Cruise was being approached to star as Christopher Pike, the first Captain of the Enterprise, by the J.J. Abrams crew for the new Star Trek film, but another rumour says that he's actually signed the deal.

As usual the rumour comes from a UK tabloid and there's no attributable quote, so it could be off the back of the rumour that he was being approached to sign up. However the Daily Star through Digital Spy is saying that he has already signed the deal.

I am assuming that this is a big rumour and that it's probably off the back of that original story, but still it's worth considering, after all he is a good match and J.J. Abrams and Tom Cruise are friends, so the only two things that could stand in the way of this cameo in Star Trek are how Paramount feels about working with Cruise again, and if Cruise's new found career rise will accommodate this kind of film.

I actually think it will, there's still place for blockbusters in his new career packed with smaller and meatier roles. If Paramount and Cruise can take the bitter pill to return to work then it might be a cracking piece of casting.



Well, if this rumor turns out to be true, I just might become a Trekkie after all - thanks to Tom Cruise! :P

People still like Tom Cruise? I do like the rumour that Russell Crowe will appear as a Klingon Captain. He's got that rough nastiness about him which could work well.


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