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Cusack, de Bont thriller cancelled

JohnCusack.jpgJan de Bont was to be making an action thriller called Stopping Power which would lead with John Cusack. I say was because, as you can probably guess, the film has been cancelled, all US $40 million worth of it.

However it doesn't appear to be a fault of the production, apparently one of the financiers has pulled out and Internationalmedia, who cancelled the production, have said that they are going to pursue legal action against the puller-outers.

I previously wrote about Stopping Power and managed to find some extra details on the Jan de Bont film:

“The story revolves around a test pilot in Berlin who is on vacation with his daughter and girlfriend when their RV is hijacked at a gas station -- with the daughter inside...a test pilot who races through a series of high speed chases to catch an escaped thief and rescue his daughter.”

Apart from finding out about John Cusack was onboard, we also found out that both Jason Isaacs and Melissa George were signed up. Melissa George was to play Cusack's character's girlfriend and Jason Isaacs was going to play the villain.

Shame, sounded like it might be some fun, but we'll never know now that Variety has told us the bad news.



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