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Dangerous Book for Boys film

DangerousBookforBoys.jpgSomehow, The Dangerous Book for Boys (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) by Conn and Hal Iggulden is set to become a film.

I say somehow because the book is a guide for boys on how to do just about anything from recreating historical battles, to tying knots, to conkers, to Shakespeare, to cooking a rabbit, to...and so on.

Variety have an inkling of how the film is going to be developed, something I am struggling to see myself.

“Movie approach to 'Dangerous' is likely to be a yarn revolving around the struggle fathers face in raising their sons and balancing a natural instinct to shelter them from harm with their sons' natural desire for adventure and even a bit of danger.”

Okay, I still don't see it myself. Any ideas how this could be turned into a film and work? I really can't see it myself. It's like turning an Encyclopaedia into a film! Now will we see parents up in arms about this idea instead of the usual cartoon film violence and nudity? After all this tells children out to cook rabbits! Oh the danger!



What is happening to the world, is this all that really matters? I weep for this generation.


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