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Dare to Love Me stands by Lohan

LindseyLohan.jpgThe Producer and Writer of Dare To Love Me, Lyndsay Lohan's next film has spoken out and said that the film will go ahead despite the recent troubles of the star.

She's been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, another black mark on her personal life which in turn is reflecting on her career, and the second driving under the influence charge in two months according to Digital Spy.

Lucas Jarech has said that they stand by her and that she is still on board the film with shooting scheduled to being on October the 1st.

I'm frankly amazed. There's nothing but bad press coming out from Lindsay Lohan's career and personal life, and while I would say that the personal life of stars is totally separate to their career, it is difficult to keep apart when it has this much affect on it.

How much more can her career handle before no one hires her again?



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