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Dark Knight secrets revealed in shooting notes?

BatmanBegins_Poster.jpgOne of those insiders has come through with a surprise reveal again, and this time it might be a huge one. This is apparently the weeks shooting details for The Dark Knight, or Rory's First Kiss as it is shooting as on set.

Now as usual with these things treat it as a big huge rumour because there isn't going to be any confirmation unless lawyers come calling, however it does sound right.

I have to say though there are some major plot reveals, well possibly one big one, so you may not want to read onto the main article.

The previous Dark Knight reveal had a rather interesting part about a fake Batman roaming the streets of Gotham, and in these weekly shooting notes apparently from someone with access to the real ones, it seems that we may know who this cover actually is.

Here are some of the juicy bits:

“Harvey Dent reveals himself to be Batman at a wild press conference at Superior Court Dent...

...At Wayne Enterprises, a new character named Reese (played by Joshua Harto) tries to blackmail Lucius Fox using Batman’s identity...

Harvey Dent promises the Mayor a crime-free 18 months right before a fake Batman hits the Mayors Office window...

...A fake Batman hangs from the flagpole outside City Hall.”

Now there's more over in the story from /Film, but those are the big ones. Put it all together and it looks like Harvey Dent is pretending to be Batman for some reason, a new worker at Wayne Enterprises apparently works out who the Batman is and tries to blackmail Lucius Fox with the news and ends up on television. As he's being removed from the television studio's he's hounded by an angry mob and they use Bruce Wayne as a diversion.

All sounds rather interesting, and some of it could be connection, some might not. However it does sound like a strong plot and that there's going to be more going on than just the Joker in The Dark Knight. I'm not even going to say the "is it too crowded?" bit again...I think I'm done asking that.



> I'm not even going to say the "is it too crowded?" bit again...I think I'm done asking that.

you're the man, man.

wish other movie sites would know when to move on and bring up other points.

Good to see it looking like Dent will be a major character in the film. I'm starting to sense the other big reveal we heard the other day where 2 face is flipping his coin and says he's "half dead" really happens at the dead END of the film.

i'm calling it.
and I hope i'm right.

I'm getting a bit worried about the amount of dark knight news that's getting out. I hope they know what they're doing. It just feels as though at this rate it's only a matter of time before we can patch the whole film together in our head.

I mean we've already seen the end now haven't we? (mogulus, for the record, i hope you're right too).

Yeah, but in films there's the end, and THE END. The latter one being with the titles and for sequel\prequel\audience satisfaction, and the former being the story conclusion. They can often be two very different things.


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