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Dark Knight story revealed

TheJoker.jpgA scooper has popped up online with some serious plot details for The Dark Knight. At first there seems to be some serious reveals, but if you take a bit of a closer look it isn't so bad, still, for those of you who want to get some spoilers in, then this is the news for you.

One big thing that comes out of the reveal, which I'll save for over in the main story, is that it looks like Christopher Nolan is not falling for the idea of throwing all the villains in at once, he's definitely not thinking of Mr Freeze here.

So if you want to read all about the reveals for The Dark Knight then head over to the main story...otherwise, just be content in the fact that this sounds like it's going to be another cracking Dark Knight story.

Okay, so here's a quick summary of the main points, because I don't want to steal the thunder from Latino Review who got the scooper to pass on a reveal.

First up there's going to be a fake Batman on the loose and he's running about to keep the Police occupied. It sounds like he's under the instructions from the real Batman.

Two Face isn't going to appear until the end of the film.

It appears that when Harvey Dent is scarred by the Joker he heads off to seek revenge and there's a moment where he could kill him. However Batman stops him and as Dent goes mad and becomes Two Face he begins to blame the Dark Knight.

There's a moment where Batman's identity is revealed to the Joker, but using clever trickery Wayne manages to convince him otherwise.

Other things revealed are about an action scene with the Bat Pod (ridiculous name) and there's a big death at the end of the film.

Frankly, after reading the spoilers I'm not really feeling that spoiled. However I am feeling a lot happier in that we're not going to be seeing three villains throughout the film.



Made my day Richard, yet again.

the thing that strikes me about this film is that while they haven't shown us much, I'm liking what i'm seeing more and more.

the trailer with the bat symbol and voices actually stirred me because one of the things I loved about "begins" was Michael Caine's Alfred. He was shown to be in top form. The dialog sounded top top shelf, and finally, we got another piece of the joker. A voice. And it worked. Alot.

Now we've seen pictures in Empire Magazine of the batpod, a new suit ( looks really awesome. ) and I'm really looking forward to it.

The story sounds very Batman to me, Richard. I just hope the joker works out and is what he's supposed to be, and that the big death isn't him. I'd like to see a Batman movie universe where the villains get second chances to take him down...

At a guess, I'd say the death would logically be either Rachel Dawes or the Batman Imposter (surely there can't be much scope for him/her, unless they're putting in Robin without telling us).

No problem Billy.

I have to say the only thing I'm not keen on so far is the Bat Pod, it smells a little too close to the TV series Bat Bike and so on, I know it's radically different but just the mention of a motorbike for Batman makes me think that way. Of course the implementation will be different I'm sure.

As long as the Bat Pod is not just a gimmick for selling more toys to kids, then it's alright! I'd still prefer if it was just the Batman and the Tumbler.

I'm guessing the batman impostor dies, but also the likely hood of Rachel Dawes dieing is fair. I really thought her character was horrible.

The big question is if whether the cause of death is 'crowbar' or otherwise.


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