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Delpy chooses Hurt for The Countess

WilliamHurt.jpgWhile Ethan Hawke won't be starring in the Julie Delpy film The Countess, not that he was ever actually on, but it seems that William Hurt will be instead.

The Countess tells the story of Elizabeth Bathroy, a sixteenth century countess who according to fable bathed in the blood of virgins in an effort to keep herself looking young. To hell with pentapeptides or whatever rubbish the cosmetic companies are peddling through contrived adverts, this is the next product to revolutionise the industry!

Radha Mitchell, Vincent Gallo and Daniel Bruhl are already confirmed, and now through MTV Movies Blog Julie Delpy says that William Hurt is set to play a Machiavellian character who is not a murderer, just a very powerful man.

It sounds as though her film is going to try and reflect the true story of Bathroy, where she was left alone by her husband who was overseas for long periods, left alone with a large wealth and a number of properties. Rumours and stories were spread in order to try and discredit her and allow her wealth to be taken. Perhaps William Hurt will play one of these characters.

Radha Mitchell shouldn't be overlooked either, as often she is with some poorer roles, she's a superb actress, and with Vincent Gallo as well she seems to be pulling together a great cast.



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