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Director on Sigaw remake

Sigaw_Poster.jpgYam Laranas, the Writer and Director of the excellent horror film Sigaw (Filmstalker review), is getting the chance to remake his own film in Hollywood, now called The Echo, and from all accounts he's getting an incredible freedom to make it as he deems fit.

During production he keeps posting little titbits over on his blog, and the latest is showing a photo of the spooky, shadowy corridor that will feature quite a bit in some of the scary moments of the film.

He's already got some great photos over there, and I've been lucky enough to exchange a few emails with Yam – he sounds like a genuinely cool guy – and he's been telling me how much he's enjoying the production and, going against the word from many Hollywood remakes, he's getting a lot of support and freedom to make it as he wants to.

The great news is that he's so excited about The Echo and he thinks that this is going to allow him to do what he couldn't in the first, and from the looks of some of the shots it looks fantastic. I really am excited to see what he can come up with because from the original and the mobile phone short he created, he really has a mastery of what can scare on screen.

See the latest shot of that spooky corridor on Yam Laranas' his blog, and look at that great header...I'm sure he got the idea from some excellent film site!



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