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Download the Audio Commentary for The Nines

TheNines.jpgJohn August is rapidly joining my favourite Writer/Director lists, and I haven't even seen his upcoming film The Nines yet, so why am I so interested?

Well he's just released a downloadable audio commentary for The Nines way before it's even on DVD, or released in the cinema. The idea is that you can download it, head to the piccies, and listen to it there. How cool is that?

Kevin Smith has already done this for Clerks II (Filmstalker review), but his wasn't well received by the cinema owners and was pulled, so huge kudos to John August and Ryan Reynolds for getting this made and allowing us to download it.

Of course he gives us some basic advice, the most important being not to upset anyone actually going to the cinema to see the film on its own!

You can read more of his advice and download the audio commentary in MP4 and MP3 formats over at John August's own blog.

The word is that this commentary will also be on the DVD. If anyone downloads this and listens to it in the cinema please come back and tell us how it was.



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