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Ed Harris directs Mortensen in Appaloosa

EdHarris.jpgEd Harris co-wrote and will direct the film Appaloosa which is set to star himself (obviously) and Viggo Mortensen and Renee Zellweger. Robert Knott also wrote the script that Harris is set to direct which is adapted from the novel by Robert B. Parker.

The story looks at two friends who are hired to protect a lawless town which is being squeezed by a tough rancher. When a beautiful widow arrives their plans are somewhat changed, I would suspect by one of them falling for her and the other still wanting to continue the fight.

Ed Harris has already directed himself in Pollock, but frankly for me that's not the attraction here. The attraction is seeing him on screen, something which is usually incredibly satisfying. He's one of those actors that just makes it all seem so natural and easy, and he exudes that traditional Hollywood star quality. Yes, I'm a big fan.

It'll also be interesting to see Viggo Mortensen again, mainly because since I rated him so highly in A History of Violence he's not really lived up to his part, and some comments from readers since have made me wonder if he is that versatile an actor.

The story comes from Variety, and the plot of Appaloosa sounds slightly stock to me, is it the usual western? Will Harris bring something different to it?



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