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Edinburgh International Film Festival Audience Awards

EIFF.gifThe Audience Awards at the Edinburgh International Film Festival are going well and they have released a current top five for the award voting. So far it's looking very disappointing, and it looks surprisingly Hollywood in its content.

Both Ratatouille and Knocked Up are in the top five, although it is good to see a documentary and two British films making up the other titles in the running, however I am amazed at what is number one. Here's the listing from the EIFF official site:

“1. Ratatouille, 2. In the Shadow of the Moon, 3. Control, 4. Special People, 5. Knocked Up”

Now I'm totally with them on In the Shadow of the Moon (Filmstalker review), but I'm wondering why Ratatouille and Knocked Up are playing as part of the festival. Sure they may be good films, but they don't really fit in with the usual films from across the globe. Actually from the start I've not been too taken with the line up this year.

Most of the films have already been seen elsewhere, and some have already been released. What with the compressed time for screenings ensuring a serious pick and choose situation, as well as press screenings occurring after public ones, it all seems a bit of a rush. There also haven't been many films I've been really excited by.

However keep track of what's happening on the EIFF 2007 running post, or head over to the EIFF 2007 page, or even the entire Festivals page. What do you think should be winning from that list? Have you seen anything in the EIFF this year that you've loved?



i didn't see the others but I really enjoyed special people. Definetely worthy of an award. Bryn


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