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EIFF 2007, Day three

It's mad this year, although the days and nights aren't cram packed with screenings as last year, this year we're expected to try and see everything within two weeks while public showings, Q&A's, press events and interviews are happening.

No wonder the press screenings end at tea time and (by that I mean around 5pm!) and there aren't many on a Sunday.

Today I had a packed schedule, and because the local council decided to put on additional roadworks at two points on my journey there, one outside a 4x4 busied private school, I've missed the first screening.

So no A Mighty Heart for me and it looks like I'll have to catch it on video (yes video) on a small square screen with stereo headphones if I want to review it. Luckily that film is about the performance and story and won't lose much in that medium. However others do.

DVD's with an upscaling high definiton drive in a PC connected to a widescreen monitor would be perfect, and since the NEC sponsor the technology it shouldn't be that hard.

Actually what they should do is make them available on the Internet to view by authorised press, something which is technically possible and a number of companies provide a very secure service for, one of which I've just been checking out and would be a great solution with great advertising too...Perhaps I'll make a few suggestions.

Anyway, that's A Mighty Heart out of the way so I'll head into town for a coffee, some breakfast, and some computer time.

At these times my days are crazy. The day starts at the horrendous time of 06:15, as it does every morning...

Up, computer on, start downloading the hundreds of emails and start up Opera and the feed reader
Cup of tea and perhaps a bagel to sit in front of the screen in my dressing gown
Scoot through emails, reply to a couple of urgent and some comments on the site
Review the stories waiting for me, anything from 200 to 1000 from hundreds of sites and sources
Start writing and posting
First screening is usually 09:00, so that means a bus at 08:15, there's just no chance of parking in Edinburgh
Films all day, there's only two days in the two weeks of screenings where I have gaps between films of more than thirty minutes, and there's only one day off and one other day that has an afternoon free
Home about 18:00 for a spot of tea and furious writing
Bed comes somewhere between 00:00 and 00:30, and then it starts all over again...

To fit in between this is wee-Lee's birthday party - happy 1st little man, Kanye West in concert and I'm sure I'm missing something, oh yeah, some rest and sleep during my two weeks "holiday"!

Honestly I do enjoy it....breathe and repeat, honestly I do enjoy it...breathe and...



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