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Enter the Dragon remake casting rumours (we hope)

BruceLee.jpgFilmstalker recently brought you the news that plans were afoot to remake the Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon. Kurt Sutter is the man who's taken up this challenge. Well now there are some casting rumours out there, I say rumours because surely they can't be true. Please no...Here's the list:

Lee will be played by Tony Jaa
Roper will be played by Tom Cruise
Williams will be played by 50 Cent
Ohara will be played by "WWE Superstar" John Cena

The rumour comes from CO-ED magazine through Rope of Silicon and has been attributed to an intern working at Warner Bros. The list is supposedly of people who have been putting their names forward via their agent. Let's hope that for some of these it's far as it goes. I mean Tom Cruise? John Cena? Can we come up with any better alternatives if this film has to be made? I reckon we can....



Damn it, I was just writing that up too...I think this is is going to turn out to be false, I cannot believe Cruise in this role, and muscle bound Cent and Cena couldn't pull off the stretching moves of martial arts...oh, nor do they have acting talent!

Jaa maybe a good replacement for Lee, but the questions will arise about the differing martial arts styles. Would Stephen Chow be better?

Stephen Chow is a good one, how about Jet Li?

John Cena does have a lot of acting experience. Acting like he's hit someone, acting like he's been hit, acting like he's been hurt and acting like someone has thrown him out of the ring....Problem is he sucks at it!

Is Jet Li too old now? I could have seen him playing the role when he looked younger, he certainly has the prowess and ability.

Heehee. I saw the Cena comment and thought you were going to get all defensive about your new found love for wrestling!

I think Jet Li is a year younger than Stephen Chow. Unless I'm thinking of the wrong one...It would be good to have someone younger but I'm struggling to come up with someone....

No defending necessary. WWE rocks but for all the wrong reasons!

Ah, I didn't know his age, I was just thinking on looks alone, Li looks aged compared to Chow.

why they’re remaking a classic is beyond me but if that’s the case just call it what it is. don’t just change the title and alter the storyline..this could be done but it would take some focus on key points to keep the over all feel and not be a slap in the face to true fans, the orignal movie and Bruce’s legacy. Tony jaa i’m fine with. I think Jason Scott Lee(DRAGON:BRUCE LEE STORY) had his chance and Jet Li should have tried this early in his Hollywood career…. but these rumors about Tom Cruise and 50 cent reprising John Saxon’s and Jim Kelly’s roles are absolute bullshit and i also heard John Cena was a prospect…whoever considers this deserves a molotav cocktail thrown at them..first off Bruce’s character is the star..PERIOD..this movie is gonna have the same problem it had 30yrs ago with trying to get some hollywood names casted to put people in the seats. they’ll have to follow the same format they did back then by casting b-list actors because A-list stars and egos will kill the focus of the movie. also they’ll need a director and producers fimiliar with Bruce Lee otherwise it’s a waste. and they should get people affiliated with the original movie as consultants. The choreography is another key point to making this movie correctly. Bruce’s attention to detail and perfetion and his attempt to stick to reality is what made the original so great…no jumping 40 feet in the air and flying bullshit like the other kung fu movies back then. some ideas for actors maybe Jaime Fox as Jim Kelly’s/Williams role, he’s diverse enough and has done action movies before his only problems would be losing the ego down and getting the martial arts aspect. he could own the acting part of it. another could be Michael Jai White as Jim Kelly’s role as well. he’s B-list and has martial arts under his belt. I also thought of Wesley Snipes but he’d have an ego issue and is currently in jail… As far as Roeper/John Saxon’s role i considered Woody Harrelson but the martial arts background would be an issue. John Saxon was believeable in the movie because he actually was a black belt. The only other guys i could think of that might’ve fit would have been Robert Patrick..the T-1000 from Terminator 2 and “THE UNIT”, but maybe 10yrs ago he might be too old now. Also maybe Hugh Jackman a few years ago, he’s moved up to A-list recently..i just hope Hollywood doesn’t [expletive removed - Richard] this up with their stupid MONEY, MONEY, MONEY commercial tactics and do this respectively and right but i got mixed feelings. again Tony Jaa is a step in the right direction…

also the rest of the cast has got to be the majority asian…not an asian rogue monk and a bunch of white guys..that’s dumb shit hollywood does and the shit ain’t believeable like the “the last Samurai” with Cruise’s weak ass……just imagine fight scenes if Bruce Lee was still alive mixed with the movie technology of today.


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