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Faces of Death news

FacesofDeath.jpgThe film that is going to look into the Faces of Death videos is taking shape, and the Producers have revealed a little more about the film and how it is going to turn out. It seems it will be more 8mm than Faces of Death.

Don Murphy, one of the Producers at Angry Films who is the company behind the Faces of Death film, said that they are going to take a look at the people who are interested in these films, turning the camera round on them.

“...loosely inspired by those old videotapes from the '80s. It's a film that now asks the question, 'Who watches these films?' so it becomes very meta. You have the people from those old movies, and in the old days, those films were shocking. Now you just can go online and see someone being beheaded by Al Qaeda, so what's horrifying in the New World? It's a very smart horror film that J.T. Petty, whose done a couple low budget films like 'Soft for Digging' and a mock documentary called 'S&man' which really blew our minds, is going to direct.”

Through Coming Soon he also says that they are hoping to get the film made pre-strike, so hopefully there's not going to be a mad rush on the project.

The direction it is taking does sound interesting. I loved 8mm, and while it might not be the same as that film the story certainly is following the same road, looking into the minds of the people who watch these kind of films. Maybe it will do what Hostel: Part II (Filmstalker review) failed to do on the Hostel (Filmstalker review) theme?

Right now though there's no idea of how far the story is going to delve into fiction and how much is going to be reality. Either way, it does sound a pretty scary and intense concept. Thankfully though it isn't going to follow exactly the same trend as the original Faces of Death "films".



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