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Fight Club writer wants Turner for Snuff

KathleenTurner.jpgChuck Palahniuk has been talking about his new novel called Snuff, a novel he would like to see made into a film and already has a dream cast in mind. He'd love Kathleen Turner for the role, and once you read the plot you'll find out why it's a surprising choice.

The story is about the world's largest pornographic film shoot, and on it the leading lady plans to die during filming. The six hundred men in the green room all ready to star in the film don't know this, and among them are three men that the novel focuses on, one of whom could be the child she conceived and gave up for adoption. This seems the only way he can get close to her as she has repeatedly refused any contact with him, so he's trying to sneak on set.

Chuck Palahniuk is a strange writer indeed, but strange in a good way as he's given us Fight Club, now this novel sounds equally as strange, and one might almost wonder if it could make it to the big screen or if it's just too far out there.

The story from MTV Movies Blog reveals his desire for Kathleen Turner to star, and while she's not adverse to the stranger roles, you would wonder if she'd appear as a porn star in a snuff film. With Palahniuk's short reputation though, you might consider it.



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