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Filmstalker at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2007

EIFF.gifThe Edinburgh International Film Festival is once again around the corner, in a few weeks as it happens, and that means press screenings galore. You can see the schedule of screenings I'm planning to attend online, and I also need your help with it.

You see this year they've really crammed the press screenings in, and not only have the pulled in all the screenings into a two week period, but they've put them alongside the public showings, that means that press screenings aren't running that late in the day, and some days there are hardly any.

So there are a couple of screenings I'm torn about and you can help me decide:

Joshua or Hallam Foe
Breath (Soom) or The Interpreter (La Traductrice)
Weirdsville or Once

In fact come to that, if you want to see the full list, why don't you look through the spreadsheet I've pulled together to decide what to see.

I've ordered them by date and time, and I've included a little column key below. Have a look at the spreadsheet, which is viewable as a web page from Google Spreadsheets, and let me know if there's anything you agree or disagree with. Perhaps there's something you think I really should see. Let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, here's the spreadsheet link, the key, and a list of the titles I'm seeing. Feel free to help me with the above choices in the comments, and do say if you think I should be seeing something else instead of one of the films I am.

Here's the link to the Google Filmstalker EIFF spreadsheet, viewable as a web page. I'll update the page if I make any changes and announce them in the comments.

Filmstalker EIFF Spreadsheet Key:

Title, Date, Day, Start, End and Cinema are all pretty self explanatory.
Yes: I definitely want to see
Maybe: Might see if there's no clash
No: Not interested in seeing
Spare: There's a gap in my schedule and this fits
See: The final decision of what to see

Now if you want to look up any of the films to see what they are you can look up IMDB or see the write up on the EIFF site, just do a search.

For a quick run down of the titles I'm going to see, here's a list:

The Man from London (A Londoni Férfi)
Beaufort (Bufor)
Hallam Foe
In the Shadow of the Moon
A Mighty Heart
Day Watch (Dnevnoy Dozor)
Death Proof
I'm a Cyborg but That's OK (Saibogujiman Kwenchana)
And When Did You Last See Your Father?
Breath (Soom)
The Interpreter (La Traductrice)
The Counterfeiters (Die Fälscher)
The Home Song Stories
The Serpent (Le Serpent)
Extraordinary Rendition
Seachd - The Inaccessible Pinnacle
The Waiting Room

So have a look through the list, have a look at the EIFF programme online, and tell me if there's anything you think I really should see, or something that you want me to see and review for you.



This is the part of your job that I really envy! :P Have fun in the festival, I'll have a look at your list now.


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