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Filmstalker coverage of the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2007

&otEIFF.gifWell the Edinburgh International Film Festival is over for another year, thank the lord. That was a hectic two weeks and I've just had a well deserved few days off. Now I have reviews to catch up on as well as a return to work, the return of my XBox 360 from Microsoft (three rings of red death repair) and the normal site stories to write.

For everything that I saw at the EIFF 2007, just head to the Filmstalker EIFF 2007 page or the Filmstalker Festivals page for more on the EIFF or other Festivals.

Here's the list of films I saw from the festival this year, all those that say Filmstalker Review after them are reviewed on the site, the others are yet to be written up and link to the EIFF page for the film as well as having a little one line review under each.

Beaufort (Bufor) (Filmstalker review) Three Stars
Blackbird (Filmstalker review) Two Stars
Breath (Filmstalker review) Three Stars
Day Watch (Filmstalker review) Three Stars
Death Proof (Filmstalker review) Three Stars
Extraordinary Rendition Two Stars
The film had a great idea and tried to get it across but struggled with a bit too much style, the element of time, and some faltered dialogue.
The Home Song Stories Three Stars
I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK (Saibogujiman Kwenchana) (Filmstalker review) Five Stars
In the Shadow of the Moon (Filmstalker review) Five Stars
Joshua (Filmstalker review) Three Stars
Komma Two Stars
The Man from London (A Londoni Férfi) (Filmstalker review) No Stars
Saxon One Star
Seachd - The Inaccessible Peak Four Stars
An amazing film which really surprised me. An excellent story in the style of Big Fish but from Scotland and almost all in Gaelic. Plus it's beautifully shot with the amazing backdrops of this lovely country. I might yet give this a five star rating.
The Serpent (Le Serpent) Three Stars
A strong thriller but there are quite a few stock moments and against type decisions from the characters which left me wondering what was happening. Three quarters of the way through though the turns did surprise me.
Sparkle (Filmstalker review) Four Stars
Stardust (Filmstalker review) Five Stars
Sugarhouse (Filmstalker review) Four Stars
Tekkonkinkreet Three Stars
Great backdrops and camera movement throughout, the story felt a little weak in some places with the adult storylines being the much stronger and more interesting. Perhaps pulling back from the science fiction element might have increased the engagement for me.
Waz Four Stars
I really enjoyed this film, although there are a couple of glaring comparisons and a missed opportunity with the ending, there's a lot of great things to be had here. The filming is superb, Melissa George is great, as is Stellan Skarsgård in the latter half of the film, and the story is very strong.
XXY (Filmstalker review) Four Stars



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