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Flash may be in Justice League film

TheFlash.jpgRyan Reynolds has been talking about the possibility of Flash in the Justice League of America film that is in pre-production at the moment, although to be honest he doesn't really say that he's going to be in it at all. He does say though that there's a new possibility of an independent Flash film, and the Director is a bit of a surprise.

Ryan Reynolds has often been tied with the role of The Flash when the film has been in pre-production before, unfortunately though it never made it. Now it looks like an appearance in the Justice League of America film could give the character the boost it needs to get into its own film.

“‘The Flash’ isn’t dead at all. There’s talk of it being a JLA movie, the Justice League having them all together. And then there’s other talk of doing a ‘Flash’ movie with [director] Shawn Levy.”

I can hardly believe that Shaun Levy is still on the project, but you have to hope that if the JLA film does well then perhaps the studio will get wise and put in another Director. Why am I so against him you ask? Well, a superhero film from the guy who made Cheaper by the Dozen, a remake itself, The Pink Panther remake and Night at the Museum?

Reynolds talks to MTV Movies Blog about the film and doesn't reveal that much but does hint that he knows a little more than we might.

“I don’t really know how much I’m allowed to talk about that stuff. But I’m sure they’ll figure out something. It’s no secret that they have a JLA script and it’s a project that’s in development – the contents of which, who knows. We’ll see.”

I don't really think that there's much to the story as yet, but it does get you thinking. If Reynolds is pulled into the JLA film and it's a success, it might up the calibre of the Director on the Flash film, if it doesn't I don't have much hope for it as it is.



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