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Foxx in homeless musician success story

JamieFoxx.jpgHere we were thinking that Jamie Foxx was set to take up some other famous musician biography, now it's announced that he's set to play the part of Nathaniel Anthony Ayers in The Soloist, a homeless musician who dreams of playing at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Wait, this does sound familiar, I'm positive I've written about this before. This film is adapted from a series of articles by Steve Lopez in the L.A. Times From Skid Row to Disney Hall, and it sounds like the man made it in the end. The story comes from Reuters through Yahoo News.

It sounds like another strong and very inspirational role for Jamie Foxx, and I'm glad that it's another uplifting and positive story such as The Pursuit of Happyness that is also true, because these tales can be so hard to believe sometimes. When you're stuck in your life wondering if things can get better, you always find it hard to believe that there are success stories out there to follow.

I think it's great that these true tales of real people are being highlighted and taken to the big screen. What about you? Do you think that with these films Hollywood should embelish even less?



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