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Frank Miller's Spirit found

TheSpirit.jpgFrank Miller has found his lead for The Spirit, the adaptation of Will Eisner's comic book character. The man in question is Gabriel Macht.

Although you may not know Gabriel Macht, a look at his IMDB profile will reveal a number of films you will, with his latest appearance in Whiteout.

Macht is playing The Spirit, according to Variety, a man who fakes his own death so that he can begin to fight crime in Central City, trying to uncover and dethrone the central crimelord Octopus, who is to be played by Samuel L. Jackson. Octopus is a pretty mean guy who is intent on death and destruction, and anyone who sees his face, dies.

The Spirit is a classic comic book character and could make a great appearance on screen, it'll be interesting to see if Frank Miller can handle it and if he can create a strong Superhero story.

Meanwhile, the poster for the film is out, and it looks very Sin City-esque.



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