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Friday the 13th in 2009

Friday13th_Poster.jpgIt seems that the remake/reimagining/prequel/sequel/whatever of Friday the 13th is heading for a 2009 release, although there is a strong question of whether it will make it there or not.

One of the big questions that will need to be answered before then is, how well will the Halloween remake do? That will most certainly make the way easier for the film or make it very difficult. There's also the reflection of how well horror is doing in general at the moment, and that seems to be on a slightly downward slip. Even the soon to be released slasher revisitations such as All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and Hatchet are treading on unstable ground right now.

Just don't let the slasher tie anyone down when he kills them, otherwise they'll slap that torture porn label all over it and the film will get killed.

The word from Variety through Bloody Disgusting is that 2009 is the date being mentioned, there's no idea if Jonathan Liebesman is still in the frame, but they have heard that Mark Wheaton's story is not being used. All change then...if all goes well.



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