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Gaiman's Neverwhere gets Director

NeilGaiman.jpgNeil Gaiman's story of Neverwhere was created for the small screen in 1996, and written in novel form on the set of the television series. Now it appears that the Weinstein's are taking it on and have pulled in David Slade to Direct.

David Slade is currently directing 30 Days of Night and also directed the excellent Hard Candy (Filmstalker review), so the news that he's taking on a Neil Gaiman project is great news for Gaiman fans.

MTV Movies Blog through Coming Soon has the comments from Gaiman that reveal the Weinstein's are taking up the project.

What is most exciting for me is that David Slade is on board. I'm not a huge Gaiman fan, I didn't enjoy MirrorMask (Filmstalker review) and thought it was a confused mess. However I have huge hope for Matthew Vaugn's Stardust (which I will be seeing next week), and I can see the great combination of fantasy and Slade's excellent direction.

The story, according to Gaiman's own site, tells the story of Richard Mayhew who helps a young woman one night and finds that his entire life and world around him has disappeared. He's transported to another world, a world where this woman is leading a battle, a battle he must joing if he is to find his way home again.

Has anyone read this work and can you tell us if it really is going to make a great film? Is David Slade the man to do it?



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