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Gears of War film script good

GearsofWar.jpgIt appears that the film script, or at least the current incarnation from Stuart Beattie, for the videogame adaptation Gears of War is actually rather good.

What's more though is the rumour that New Line is not only really keen for Len Wisemen for Director, but that they've only got the script out to four other other Directors. So with the current success of Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review), it would seem that Len Wiseman is running high on the list.

Over at Latino Review they've rated it with an A- and said that it does follow the previous treatment rather closely.

It tells of the final moments of the battle of Aspho Fields, the last of the Pendulum Wars, and the dawning realisation that humans are not alone on the planet. Basically a prequel to the events in the game.

Could this be one of the better adaptations? Perhaps a film to rival Halo before it has even been released, never mind developed.



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