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Gervais doesn't make bad career decision

RickyGervais.jpgRicky Gervais' representative has denied that he's joined the awfully sounding film Early Retirement, about a driven career man who retires early to spend time with his family.

Yes, it does sound awful and at the time I was questioning the decision. Well it seems that the source of the story was wholly inaccurate, not even a rumour that turned out to be true, just blatantly false.

So the real news is that Ricky Gervais is not starring in a bland comedy as Variety reported before.

The respected Variety got the story entirely wrong and have yet to set the record straight, it took canmag.com (an Internet site, god forbid!) called the representative and just asked them, they denied it, and canmag printed the story and I read it through Cinema Blend.

Rafe over there is quite critical of Variety, the traditional source of entertainment news that regularly criticises the online sites and is regularly out scooped by them. I tend to agree, but I think there's a problem in general, a complete lack of respect. A respect for people and their effort.

It's not just between the offline and online writers either, it can be seen amongst the online crowd too. Like any area, when a new innovation comes along the traditional groups need to embrace the new and evolve, and amongst all that everyone needs to carry a degree of respect.





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