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G.I. Joe passes on Director

GIJoe.jpgJust a few days ago we heard that Stephen Sommers was being considered for the G.I. Joe film, and now today the rumour is busted, but another rumour.

Apparently Stephen Sommers was asking far too much money to direct the film and the Director has passed. A lot of people seem glad that he's not directing the film and that he asked too much money, and that could well be true for what G.I. Joe is commanding in terms of budget. The story comes from Latino Review.

I wonder if G.I. Joe is actually aiming too high. I wonder if it is thinking that it's more than the action adventure films that Stephen Sommers has become known for. I especially think that with the rumours of Mark Wahlberg and Jason Statham in the film, surely they are budget eaters too, Wahlberg more than Statham.

I think that films such as Van Helsing and The Mummy series are right where G.I. Joe is, fun adventure and action, and Van Helsing was all that. No depth, nothing serious, just that. Light entertainment with cool effects. Is G.I. Joe really anything more?



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