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Good news on Jurassic Park IV

JurassicPark.jpgWell some good news arrives for Jurassic Park IV, and it seems that the dinosaurs with guns idea might be out the window, or at least in with a chance of being written out. According to a representative of Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic Park IV is not casting, it hasn't even finished script development.

That is good news because if the rumour about dinosaurs with guns popped out from some ideas meeting it means that there's a great chance it could get dumped before the script is written. Or maybe the script is in development and the idea is in, well there's still time to write it out.

The story comes from SpielbergFilms through MovieWeb, and you can read about the dinosaurs with guns rumour here, and Laura Dern saying she's back in for the fourth film.

The guns idea for Jurassic Park IV is ludicrous, and it does fall firmly in the category of “rumours that probably aren't true” for me. So it's good news to hear that the fourth film is still being developed. Let's hope they really have a great idea for this film, and it would be great if it was strong enough to reunite the three leading actors for one final stint...I think that might be pushing it though.



I'd still be more interested in Dinos with Guns than just another Jurassic Park. The whole JP idea has been done now and should just be left alone.

I don't think the interest is there for another JP film than before, but I know I would like to see one. One more would be great, cause I don't think JP3 should stay as the last film.


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