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Grace is Gone trailer pulls the right strings

JohnCusack.jpgLooking at the trailer for Grace is Gone in a detached way you can see a few things straight up, it ticks all the emotional boxes and John Cusack looks like John Cusack.

Of course the trailer is just that, a trailer, and the word on the film is extremely positive with great nods for Cusacks' performance, but from the trailer alone I'm not so sure I'd be enticed into the cinema for it.

In Grace is Gone John Cusack plays a father whose wife has been sent to Iraq on active duty while he is left at home to look after the kids and carry on with normal life. When the servicemen arrive at his door to let him know she's been killed his world is torn apart. One morning he just heads off with them on a road trip and has to struggle to become the parent to them that she was.

Young children hit by loss, father who begins geeky and grows to be a stronger person through the adversity and his denial, struggling to connect emotionally with his children, minor playing piano in the background, it's all there.

However there's no real sense of a great performance from John Cusack, and I think the trailer does end up boxing and categorising the film somewhat. Have a look for yourself over at Yahoo Movies [Flash] through /Film.



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