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Halloween clips online

Halloween.jpgThere are clips for Rob Zombie's Halloween online and it gives you a taster of what the film might be like. I'm not that impressed so far, it seems miles from the feel of the John Carpenter original, which is perhaps a good thing.

The first clip shows his escape from prison and the fast cuts with colour changes just took me out of the moment. Perhaps in context with the film it will work better, but there it just confuses the screen.

The second and third clips seem to suggest that the film could be overly wordy, a criticism that has already been levelled at the remade Halloween from Rob Zombie, but the last two clips look altogether more promising. My only thought when I saw the woman running across the lawn was typical cliché, she's injured and limping. Still, these last two are a lot better than the others.

IESB have the clips [Flash:Embed] so you can see for yourself and report back. Are they promising for the film?



Ugh... those clips are sickeningly awful... even worse than how Michael looks and acts is the MTV-style editing. UGH.


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