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Halo live-action film footage online?

Halo.jpgThere's apparently more footage from the live action Halo film from Neill Blomkamp online, although I'm rather puzzled by it all.

The alleged clip doesn't give any feeling of scope, and although there are some nice technical references to Halo such as the appearance of a Warthog being dropped in, it just feels like two armoured soldiers running in an open quarry, it doesn't make me think of Halo at all, more like paintball.

The sound and visual effects are also pretty poor for the most part, and I can't see this as any more than something produced by Neill Blomkamp just to build hype and try and convince a studio to make it. I guess if the Halo community goes mad for it then there's going to be a good indication of the audience if the film ever gets greenlit.

See what you think when you look at the footage over the page, is it Halo worthy?

The clip comes from YouTube through AICN.



Looks pretty decent though I don't like it nearly as much as the first clip.

To be honest, I'd much rather see a Gears Of War movie.

I'd just rather see a decent film adaptation of a videogame. It's not hard, and it's not the videogames fault, some of the better videogames have plots as thick as books (GoW and Halo are great examples).

you gotta consider when somebody sits down to a movie they commit for 90 minutes. a first run through a good game can take weeks if you take your time and check everything out without using walkthroughs


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