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Hancock pictures with Theron and Smith

CharlizeTheron-Hancock.jpgThere are some set pictures from Hancock, formerly known as John Hancock and Tonight, He Comes. These set pictures, unlike so many that are out there for various films, are close ups and actually show some action. Not only that but Charlize Theron is looking amazing.

I'm not usually one for set pictures or video, especially when they aren't revealing anything. For example there are some videos online for Wanted today, showing a car at a great distance doing the same spin again and again on a truck rig. Angelina Jolie can be seen from a distance. There's nothing to it.

However here we have some action scenes from the film and it looks like Charlize Theron's character isn't taking too much from the Will Smith character, she looks like she's giving just as good. What's more is that the dress she's wearing is stunning, or rather she is in it!

You can see all the set pictures of Will Smith and Charlize Theron on set of Hancock over at Les Films through Rope of Silicon.



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