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Heroes star wants Batman's Robin

MiloVentimiglia.jpgAnother completely speculative story, but one that raises an interesting question, should Robin be in the new Batman franchise? Milo Ventimiglia, the star of Heroes and Rocky's son in Rocky Balboa (Filmstalker review), has said that his dream role would be to play Robin in Batman, but not the Robin we've seen so far on film.

He comes out with one word which would make the Robin character work on screen without being the campy sidekick we've seen to date, Nightwing. During an interview over at MTV Movies Blog he says:

“They’ve never done it right...”

That's about all he offers up. However I'm willing to bet that it'll never happen. For us to see Nightwing on screen we'd have to go through an incarnation of Robin as Batman's sidekick, and that relationship is something that no one has managed to capture on screen as yet because it so changes the Batman character.

I don't really know if they could get Robin to work as a sidekick to the Dark Knight, and they've surely got to get through that relationship before they could bring on Nightwing.

Since we've once again seen the origin story there's no way to just say “oh, there was a Robin in the past”, we'd have to go through one film, or at least an act, with Robin being trained and fighting alongside him.

Could they do it and retain the strength of the Batman character, or would bringing in Robin just take it back to the previous Batman franchise where things just got totally out of hand?



Robin is a tricky element to the legend that is the Bat. Ever since the lad in red and yellow hit the screens he's always been a bit of an annoyance. That being said, do you think Nolan could handle it? He's nailed it so far, but by the sounds of the ever growing villian list for 'The Dark Knight' has he steered off the beaten track? I hope not.

Gossip it may be but by gum, this lad to play Robin could actually work, he's brillaint in 'Heroes' and as the show continues (seen the whole season :P) he handles the role of torn up hero in training - and isnt that sort of what Robin is...?

There's no doubt he is good in Heroes (just no episode three here) but I think the problem lies with Robin and if there really is a way to make the character work with Batman.

Perhaps Nolan can, but let's face it, getting Batman back on track was not as hard as it would be to get Robin there.

I'm with you on the concern over too many villains in the film. Could he have gone too far? I hope Scarecrow finishes off early on, Joker takes the chunk of the film, and Two Face arrives at the end...and speaking of that, let me write up the latest story...


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