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Highlander straight to TV

AdrianPaul.jpgHighlander: The Source has been having a bit of confusion on its way to the cinema, and for a while we didn’t really know what was happening with it, then it came out that it had returned to the edit room prior to the release. Now it seems that the film has been diverted straight to television.

Lionsgate has removed Highlander: The Source from their release schedule and the word is that we’re going to see it heading direct to the Sci Fi Network.

Now the news from Adrian Paul’s own site through Cinema Blend is that Sci Fi Network have picked up the film and they’re going to show it on September the 15th.

You’ve got to wonder just how much life there really is in this franchise anymore. For me there’s not been any real life in the series since the first film, even the sequels from there were dropping the bar dramatically.

Now with this latest film missing the DVD release and heading straight to TV there really can’t be much chance of another film unless there’s a serious injection of cash and a big restart of the franchise.

Mind you, how possible could that be? We’ve seen McClane and Rocky, there’s Jones on the way and perhaps even Riggs, so could we conceivably see the return of the Highlander? I actually think a revisit of the series with the original star could well work, but the story would have to be spot on and it must not be a restart of the franchise.



The link you have for Adrian Paul's "own site" is a fan run blog that has NOTHING to do with Adrian's official webpage at www.adrianpaul.net

My apologies, thanks for the correction.

True.. the link that was used is my fan site.
And I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to watching Highlander on TV once again


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