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Hollywood to make Bollywood action

AkshayKumar.jpgHollywood is trying to break into the lucrative Indian film industry called Bollywood, and to do it they are making the first Hollywood Bollywood film and it's going to be made in China.

Yes, I almost feel as confused as you are. The first film will feature the Indian action star Akshay Kumar as a Mumbai cook who is mistaken for a Kung Fu Master, hence the made in China part I would guess. As yet though there's no indication of whether Chinese actors will be used or if filming is there for some other reason.

Warner Brothers in India seem keen to make it work as the Manager, Blaise Fernandes, says through Digital Spy:

"We will do everything in our power to make a well-crafted, popular and successful Indian film."

It's quite a mix in that film already, but will it work? Will Bollywood fans accept Hollywood into their cinemas and their industry? Will Hollywood be able to crack the only film industry that is outselling and outsmarting them?



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