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Horseman religious thriller

The Fourth Horseman has been picked up by Intrepid Pictures for production. Written by Marshall Uzzle and Perry Fair it tells the story of the first three Horsemen of the Apocalypse waiting for the fourth to arrive and of a priest trying to stop them.

It sounds like a very interesting idea for a film, and with the end of the world at stake and religion thrown in, it should make for a great thriller with perhaps some horror thrown in.

Variety has the story that tells us that War, Pestilence and Famine are awaiting the birth of their brother to bring about the end of the world, but a young priest decides to try and stop the fourth brother. Whether that means by killing him or simply stopping them getting together I'm not sure.

It does sound like a cracking idea though, and if it follows a dark tone then I would definitely be interested.



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