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Huge Justice League of America rumours

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgThere are a number of rumours appearing about the new Justice League of America film, now they are strictly emailed in comments from an unnamed and unconfirmed source, but they are interesting none the less.

The first is that the enemy in the film may not be the OMACs but might actually be the white Martians, the second is that there may be no Bruce Wayne in the film, and the third is perhaps the biggest, there's doubt as to whether Superman will be in the film.

Now the source emailed IESB and they are clear that the only reason they are publishing it is because it seems to tie in with other sources they have been getting recently, so let's have a look at the Justice League of America rumours in a little more detail and see what they have to say.

"While browsing the graphic novel section at the 3rd/La Cienega (Beverly Center) Borders today, I was quickly surrounded by 4 guys ripping apart the JLA section. The kept talking about production design and pre-vis and were very keen on finding the books with the white martians as villains..."

I really can't comment on that. There seems to be a lot of weight behind the OMCs being the main villain, but since I have never read JLA and don't know either these or the white Martians, I'm stumped. So I need you guys to tell us what this one is all about. Who could be the better villain, and more to the point who are they anyway?

"There is no Bruce Wayne in the film, only Batman, which is what makes it easier to recast Bale...the script does not indicate this is the crazy out there Grant Morrison type Batman but instead this is the Begins Batman..."

Now I think that would actually make sense. Considering that there's a lot of commentary, especially right here from me, about the problems of having two separate actors playing Batman on two separate films at the same time, keeping one of them behind a mask constantly throughout the film would be much easier for the audience to take. Revealing him as Bruce Wayne would mean seeing the actor full frontal, and that would be when the real obvious comparisons against Christian Bale would appear, and that wouldn't be a good thing. So that sounds like the right way to go.

Next up there's the Superman part, and it seems that the source goes back and forth in his grammar about whether Superman is in or not, however he does point out that Tom Welling has not accepted the part from the previous rumuor. I'm not so sure on this, I think they can't possibly have a JLA film without Superman, especially if they are having Batman. That said though, it raises the problem I've said all along, on screen Superman on his own is nigh on indestructible, so why have the other superheroes?

"Singer's Superman is it's own thing and WB know the negative reaction towards it, so they don't want Routh associated with this considering Man of Steel is "not" I repeat "not" certain for the go ahead...This JLA Superman is based more on the post-crisis/current comics version which is the one Welling plays on Smallville."

They also mention that Maxwell Lord is in the film and that Martian Manhunter is set to be played by Laurence Fishburne. It's a fair list of inside information which I would take with a huge bag of drive clearing salt, but it's still some food for thought none the less and the entire scoop is well worth the read over at IESB.

What do you think of the Superman issue? Would he be too much on screen for the other superheroes? Is no Bruce Wayne and a recast Batman the way to go?



you know, regarding Tom Welling, I used to make alot of fun about smallville, but all it really took was one episode to hook me. And Welling, as much as I loved Routh, well, Welling IS superman. so I hope the rumor of him being in the JL film is true.

As to no bruce wayne, hey. sounds good to me. As far as I know, no one in the JL really knew whom he was Post Crisis, anyway. so more power to them on that front.

my worry is that if this film comes out before the Green Lantern and Flash films, it could keep these movies from being filmed. I'd rather see these 2 filmed first, as honestly, if either one flopped, it wouldnt' hold back a JL film hardly at all.

For a whole generation Tom Welling is Clark/Kal-El so this would be a good thing. Certainly my kids were not impressed by Brandon Routh in the role in the movie. That said the Clark Kent from T.V.'s Smallville would not have knocked up his girlfriend, bailed out on her for five years then turned up as a stalker attempting to steal her back from a husband who had married her in good faith and raised her child as his own. Or was that just me ? But would casting Welling cause issues with casting characters already seen in the T.V. universe. Lois, Lex, Green Arrow, Flash, Martian Manhunter etc. ?

Snodgrass I love that description of Superman, kind of puts him in a different light when you read that!


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