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I Am Legend sequel

IAmLegend.jpgHollywood, who can figure them? They moan when they lose money and we don't see their films, and then they go and plan sequels before the first film has even come out. Not only that but the film in question has been in development for some ten years.

I Am Legend seems to be heading for a sequel just on the strength of what everyone behind the scenes has created and seen. Let the audience have a chance!

According to the L.A. Times through Latino Review, Mark Protosevich has already pitched his sequel idea to Warner Brothers. As yet though there is no word on whether Warner Brothers have accepted the idea, but then perhaps they are being a little sensible and waiting for audiences to see it!

Amazingly this film has been in development for some ten years, yes it is unbelievable, but it has gone through so many different versions and people and was continually turned around. Ridley Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger were first on board in 1997, but that stalled and the project moved back and forth in spurts until this version from Francis Lawrence with Will Smith. Amazingly Mark Protosevich has been hired four times to rewrite the script.

Now the 1954 story from Richard Matheson, which has seen a few film versions in its time, will have Will Smith as the lone survivor of a world devastated by a strange plague. The people aren't dead though, not exactly.

Still, I'd like to see the first film before we think about a sequel, and I'm sure the studio would like to see how it goes too.



No doubt fans of the book will be gutted after hearing this news - as the finale in the story is one you cannot make a sequel out of. My hopes for this have shrunken quick sharp!

Yep - gutted! (as a fan of the book)

Why, oh why couldn't they just film a close adaption of the book - this would make a remarkable film. Already the trailer indicates that the film strays very far from the book - and now this news only dampens matters.

It is called I am Legend for a VERY good reason!

Next, I'll be hearing that the vampires have been replaced by mutants (again)!

I've bought the book and I'm working my way through Richard Morgan's latest to get to it.

I don't really have much hope for this big budget film to be honest, I don't think I ever did.

I am excited that a sequel might already be in the works. People say I am Legend has been pushed around for almost 10 years, but in reality, horror fans have been waiting since the bad Omega Man was made to see a third movie based on the book. I think it is great that a sequel may even be made before the first one is on DVD. Perhaps when they see how profitable this movie is, there will be a whole series of movies like it...

A sequel is a very good idea for this movie if you look at the trailers there were two or three that had Neville surrounded by the infected, they were within inches of his face while he was standing up, with mouths open ready to take a few bites out of him. There was a very big explosion that also was not in the movie so the screen writers do have some parts in the trailers to use for the new movie, and it can be used as a basis for their new movie!

There must have been someone else outside that came to investigate the explosions in the city, he Neville throw his grenade toward the middle of the infected to get the biggest effect or Alice and the boy would be eaten, they were knocked out until morning and left in the walls of the lab. Neville is surrounded by three of the infected in his destroyed lab he was knocked out during a second and bigger explosion that came from outside to blow the walls down he got knocked out and is drag from the lab by an unknown savior. It has been two weeks and he awakes to find him self with a small group of survivors that are heading to the colony that Alice spoke of.

During his stay in the colony he has been trying to perfect the process of his cute, so from time to time he and his team have to go out and trap new subjects for his experiments. Every time they go out the infected track them, and they come ever closer to the colony, during his last trek to find a new subject and while he had him at the lab he discovered that they are changing. He is in a race against time because his antivirus cure will only work for a little time, the virus is in a constant state of change they are mutating, it could be tomorrow or a few years from now, and they the infected will become and more like the vampires of legend, and those people who exists in those colonies will be completely wiped out or turned!

I like movies where mankind go to the brink, and by the grace of GOD get a second chance to follow what he wants for us!

P - I like that in essence what you're saying is, they can still fix their monumental screw-up this time round. Either that or it was a very smart move on their behalf to cream it ot of us over numerous films rather than one, to get the original ending intended.


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