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Ice Cube dumps comedy?

IceCube.jpgIce Cube, now once that name conjured up an entirely different persona from the one it does today, the children's film actor. Now though he might be trying to change that back with news that he's looking at an adaptation of the graphic novel 10.

The story is about a guy who receives a letter one day saying that he's won a competition along with ten others, and the one who walks away alive from it will be the ultimate winner. He throws the letter away thinking it's trash, and then a an shows up at his door carrying an axe and ready to start the game.

Gustin Nash and Jesse Cale adapted the graphic novel by Shannon Eric Denton and Keith Giffen, Ice Cube's company is looking to produce and it seems that he's also keen to star. You can understand why with his career to date being far from his musical persona.

Cube aside, this sounds like a great premise for a film. Not only the immediate game but imagine why this would be happening. Is it a one off prank or is it something that happens time and time again, something more organised? Imagine if there was an underground betting ring on it...

I'm speculating because I know nothing about the comic other than what Variety has told us. Can anyone tell us any more?



...i can't believe it took him to the low of "are we done yet?" to figure out that it didn't suit him.

but yes, great idea for a movie there, Richard. And I think he'd actually pull it off, too. as long as he delivers and comes through with the "chewing people's faces off and bustin'em down." because deep down inside, that's what we really want to see of him. :)

I never did see the xXx sequel, was he any good in that?

Let's face it, that's what Ice Cube means, that's the persona he's had for years before this run of kiddies films. Go back to what works.


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