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Invasion clips online

TheInvasion.jpgI'm curious to see how The Invasion turns out. Throughout production the message was hammered home – this was not a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Initially the interest of Oliver Hirschbiegel directing the big Hollywood cast had me hooked, but then came the news that the Wachowski Brothers had come in to do large scale reshoots, particularly for the ending, it didn't sound good.

Now after seeing the trailer and these new TV clips I'm just looking at it thinking it's another big name version of Body Snatchers, and really there's nothing else to suggest anything different other than the CGI Space Shuttle opening.

You can see the new TV clips over at Coming Soon, but it's pretty clear there's nothing that special in it. What do you think? Could it all be in the new ending, or is it all missing the mark?



The Wachowski's need to finish the DreamScapesAxis movie they were working on with writer Sxean David .
The concept sounded original yet kind of within the realm of The Matrix theme.


Hey O'Brien, want to tell us some more about that film and why you're so keen to see it?


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