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Is Katie Holmes to be Wonder Woman?

KatieHolmes.jpgI think the speculation for Wonder Woman is completely wild at the moment, especially since there's not a completed script as yet. However the latest rumour is that Katie Holmes has been talking to the filmmakers about being Wonder Woman.

It is a wild rumour at the moment and there's nothing to back it up as yet, but the rumour is there none the less. I honestly think it's totally ridiculous, and even if it was true I really couldn't see it happening.

According to a "source" to Star Magazine through WENN and Starpulse News Blog she left the husband and kids at home and headed off to have a meeting with her agents and producers about the role. According to the source:

"The movie's only at the discussion state, but Katie feels this role as a kick-ass superhero will put her back in the public eye...She wants to show her stuff, and she wants to prove that she can stand on her own two feet without Tom's help. Tom, at times, feels compelled to oversee Katie's career, but Katie is bent on doing this alone. She actually scheduled the meeting when she knew Tom wasn't going to be able to be there."

Okay, I don't get that quote either, I'm not sure if I believe that's the real story. Did Tom Cruise get Katie Holmes her role in Batman Begins? That was a great opportunity for her but she didn't manage to make it stick. I hardly believe that Cruise got her that role.

All this aside I don't see Holmes as Wonder Woman, she's too slight and not Amazonian enough for me. What do you think?



I agree while a pretty girl, Katie is too slim and lacking in er, Amazonian qualities. Apparently she is 5'9 though, the same height as Lynda Carter5'9...

Then again this is Hollywood so what difference does physical appearance make? I wouldn't be suprised if the role went to Beyonce!

(And let's nip any further stupid talk about Lynda playing her mother in the bud now. Amazonians do not age! Casting Lynda as the mother make as much sense as casting her as Diana.)

Wow, all the sites are carrying this now (now being the 16th not the 15th when this was posted) and most are crediting Starpulse without their sources of Star Magazine and WENN. Wow, does it take them a whole day to read their newsfeeds?

Actually to correct a prvious post they do age just at an amazingly slower rate. If you read the comics as I have for the last 30 years youll see they do age a tiny bit. Lynda Carter would be perfect as Hippolyta. All three of the queens on the tv show were mature in their looks. I think however Katie is a bad choice she is too girly.

Nadia Bjorlin is the name we should be talking about.She wants the part probably more then anybody.Yet we are talking about Katie Holmes. You got to give Holmes some credit, she made a grand but shameless plug to get her name out there, even though it's not going to do any good. Joel Silver should be gone by now. He has had this movie greenlighted since 1999. He has made things worse. Bringing on Joss Whedon who was a clueless wanna be Wonder Woman writer who never bothered to even read a WW comic book or look at the TV show. This movie needs a person who really wants to do it. Why its becoming a task is amazing. She is a cultural Icon. She impowers the Female Spirit. Yet no one wants to do it. It's very sad. We may never see this movie ever made.

If you are reading any of the JLA movie rumors, you hear that Jessica Biel is going to be Wonder Woman. Not that I have anything against her, but she doesn't fit the profile of what WW should be. If you go on most of the WW web sites, most of the choices by the fans are girls who look like they would play the part. Like Lynda Carter did. Biel is blond, and really does not have the face of Wonder Woman. On a sarcastic note, Katie Holmes looks more like Wonder Woman then Jessica. With Biel the frontrunner, it would seem that she would be the choice for Joel Silver's Wonder Woman movie. Or has been. I really thought that they would go for someone like Nadia Bjorlin, or even Megan Fox. But I was stupid in believing that they knew what they were doing. After all it is Warner Bros. And they have a rotten track record in making their Superhero movies. You can take this post anyway you want. Some may love Biel for the part, But I think it sucks. Biel is more like Artemis,if I was casting. I don't see Diana in her at all. But it seems that they have never listen to the fans at all, or care about their character. Well that's all I have to say. Thanks for letting me post.


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